About Jeevani

‘The feedback I received from Rhoda regarding Searching for Steven was invaluable. I knew that it was too long, but had been unable to see where to cut it and she was able to give me specific guidance on what did and didn’t move the story forward. She provided a great balance of what I’d done well in addition to areas I could develop. It was thanks to Rhoda’s input that I was able to polish Steven, send him into the publishing world, and secure a publishing deal. I’m eternally grateful for her insight!’ Jessica Redland, bestselling author of Searching for Steven (now renamed New Beginnings at Seaside Blooms)

‘Jeevani’s critique of my debut novel Wife Support System helped shape it from an initial draft into a book that was worthy of submitting to publishers. She pinpointed elements that could be improved and suggested ways of doing this. Jeevani’s feedback was professional and insightful and was always delivered in a positive, motivating way. It was a joy to receive and never made me feel as though my work wasn’t of a good enough quality, merely that it needed some help, which she provided very ably. Working with Jeevani was a great experience and I highly recommend her editing services.‘ Kathleen Whyman, author of Wife Support System

Jeevani’s sympathetic and insightful critique of my manuscript got straight to the heart of its issues and gave constructive and detailed advice on how to address them. She asked the right questions to make me think more like a reader, a difficult skill for an author who is inevitably very close to the material. Her assessment gave me a route map forward and undoubtedly helped me improve my book and move me closer to publication.

Matt Graydon, author of Leaving Fatherland

About Alison

When I had my initial call with Alison, it was clear that mentoring to her was about more than just helping a writer get a book finished, it was about helping equip me with the tools I would need to not only finish my first book, but to enable me to write confidently in the future also.  

Our bi-weekly check-ins kept me accountable, her honest and direct feedback gave me focus and structure, and her thoughtful advice elevated my writing. 

Tailored sessions at each specific junction of my journey meant I felt supported, and when the time came for me to submit to agents, I felt ready.  

I am a strong believer that every author should have their own “Alison May”, someone who can not only teach you the ropes, but keep you accountable.
The book I worked on with Alison landed me my agent and my first publishing contract, but the skills Alison helped me hone, gave me so much more. Her mentoring gave me confidence, both in myself and in my writing, and that alone was worth every single penny.’ Emma-Claire Wilson, author of This Child of Mine

‘Alison’s critique advice is just so so wonderful. I can’t believe how helpful it is. Her advice and knowledge have been spot-on every single time. Not only does she point out the little niggles that I knew, in my heart of hearts, should probably be addressed, but she sees the things I can’t see because I’m simply too close to the manuscript. She helped make my debut novel The Forgotten Village worthy of both agent and publisher attention. I wouldn’t be without her.’ Lorna Cook, bestselling author of The Forgotten Village

‘Alison is a fabulous teacher and it was an absolute pleasure to be in her session,’  bestselling author, Cathy Bramley

‘I’m so glad I took Alison’s course, her enthusiasm for my writing gave me great confidence, and she was particularly good at helping me to work out how to make it better. After her editing workshop, I applied what I had learned to my first draft and my publisher declared me ‘Queen of Edits’. I’ve been to three different courses now and every time I’ve left feeling excited about my writing and able to keep going no matter what difficulties I was having before I arrived.’ Pippa James, author of The Happiness Project

About Janet

‘The first time I discussed my idea for what would become my debut novel, was on one of Janet and Alison’s fabulous writing retreats.

Janet’s enthusiasm and helpful suggestions, together with her instruction that I should “Write the first five hundred words!” really kickstarted the book.

One of Janet’s many skills is that she demystifies the novel-writing process and makes you makes you believe that you CAN do it!’

Helen Yendall author of A Wartime Secret

Janet has always been a huge supporter of new, aspiring and emerging writers. The advice she provides is straight down the line, but delivered with kindness and a warm and friendly manner. You know you are getting the best advice with Janet.

Suzie Hull author of Far Across the Ocean