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Alison and Janet

Alison and Janet

Your tutors are both traditionally published authors… between them they have more than a dozen novels, and three times that many short stories.  They have collected half a dozen awards, more than a dozen award shortlistings.

Janet and Alison also write together as Juliet Bell. Juliet’s first novel is The Heights, a modern day retelling of the Emily Brontë classic.

Both are professional teachers, who love nothing more than helping others to make the same journey they did.

Alison says: ‘Working with new and developing writers is a total joy. There is nothing better than helping a writer resolve a problem they might have been struggling with for weeks.’  Find out more about Alison 

Janet says : ‘People say writing can’t be taught… but I disagree. There are techniques and tools that can be taught.’  Find out more about Janet 

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