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Janet Gover

Janet Gover

I grew up surrounded by books. Both my parents loved to read and they shared that love with me. In the tiny Australian bush town where we lived, there wasn’t a lot to do except read and ride my ponies.

After some fun-filled years at Queensland University (during which I passed the occasional exam), I became a television journalist, first in Australia, then in Asia and Europe. I got to see and do a lot of unusual things. I met some interesting people, including one Pope, at least three Prime Ministers, a few movie stars and a dolphin.

I also discovered that most interesting people are often the ‘ordinary’ people – who sometimes have quite extraordinary stories to tell.

My first published fiction, a short story called The Last Dragon, appeared in 2002. I love writing short stories and you can check some of them out for free here.

My first published novel, The Farmer Needs A Wife was released in 2009. Since then I’ve written another eight books set in the Australian outback – and one Royal Wedding romance, because who doesn’t love a royal wedding.

My Coorah Creek series has won or been shortlisted for awards in the UK, USA and Australia – which just goes to show we really do write for an international audience.

Check out my website for more about me and my books. You can follow me on twitter @janet_gover or find me on

What people say about Janet’s books:

“Janet Gover never fails to deliver with her heart-wrenching and beautifully delivered tales”  Amazon 5* review

“Janet conveys the vastness and emptiness of the outback beautifully. She contrasts light and dark so well – both in time and in people.”

“This is one of the best books I’ve read this year! Well-written, immaculately researched and with all the right ingredients for an emotional roller-coaster of a ride.”

“Written with passion and with an air of authority in terms of the location, this is a story to be savoured”

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