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Kings Court Hotel

Kings Court Hotel

Writing is a solitary process – but you don’t have to do it alone. Tutor led writing retreats and courses give you the chance to share that journey, while at the same time develop your writing skills.

Whether it’s your first short story or your tenth novel, a writing retreat can refresh and inspire.

Choose a residential tutor led retreat – or a day long course, to escape the pressure of everyday life and focus on your writing… Continue reading

Alison and Janet

Alison and Janet

Your tutors are both traditionally published authors… between them they have more than a dozen novels, and three times that many short stories.  They have collected half a dozen awards, more than a dozen award shortlistings.

Janet and Alison also write together as Juliet Bell. Juliet’s first novel is The Heights, a modern day retelling of the Emily Brontë classic.

Both are professional teachers, who love nothing more than helping others to make the same journey they did.

Alison says: ‘Working with new and developing writers is a total joy. There is nothing better than helping a writer resolve a problem they might have been struggling with for weeks.’  Find out more about Alison 

Janet says : ‘People say writing can’t be taught… but I disagree. There are techniques and tools that can be taught.’  Find out more about Janet 

Editing in progress!

Editing in progress!

Stuck on a plot point? Is a character misbehaving? Maybe your book heading in the wrong direction. A personal and detailed appraisal by one of our tutors will help you find your way.

Whether your plan is to self-publish or submit to a traditional publisher or agent, a new eye will always help. Have your manuscript appraised by authors who have been successful in today’s competitive market. Continue reading

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